Sunday, 30 September 2012

Someday someone will...

Someday someone will come into 
your life and love you the way 
you’ve always wanted.
If your someday was yesterday, learn from it.
If your someday is tomorrow,
hope for it.
If your someday is today,
cherish it and never let it go.

Once You Feel...

Once You Feel You
Are Avoided By

Never Disturb
  Them Again.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Greatest Challenge In Life Is...

The Greatest Challenge In Life Is
    Discovering Who You Are.

The Second Greatest
       Is Being Happy With
             What You Find.

Love your parents. we are so....

Love your parents.
We are so busy growing up,
We often forget they are 
also growing up.

Life is not filled with...

Life is not filled with happiness,
sadness, tears, smiles, laughter
and other emotions...
but when life gets you down,
just be strong about it
and keep your head up high
and have faith in all things in life.

Always Remember:
GOD is at your side, ALWAYS.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Every Guy Thinks...

Every Guy Thinks
Catching The Girl He Loves Is
An Amazing Accomplishment.

But Actually,

Catching The Girl Is The Easy Part.

Control Your Anger Because...

Control Your " ANGER"
It Is Just One Letter Away From

Secrets Of Love...

Secrets Of Love:

* The First Secret: The Power Of Love.
* The Second Secret: The Power Of Respect.
* The Third Secret: The Power Of Giving.
* The Fourth Secret: The Power Of Friendship.
* The Fifth Secret: The Power Of Touch.
* The Sixth Secret: The Power Of Letting Go.
* The Seventh Secret: The Power Of Communication.
* The Eighth Secret: The Power Of Commitment.
* The Ninth Secret: The Power Of Passion.
* The Tenth Secret: The Power Of Trust.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Everybody deserves....

a second chance
not for the same 

A real relationship has...

A real relationship 
has fights, trust, faith, 
tears, pain, arguments, 
patience, secrets, jealousy 

If someone doesn't...

If someone doesn't 
appreciate your presence,

Make them appreciate your

Don't cry over the...

Don't cry over the past, it's gone.
Don't stress about the future, it
hasn't arrived. Live in the present
and make it beautiful...

Today will never come again...

Today will Never
come again. Be a
blessing. Be a friend.

Encourage someone.
Take time to care.
Let your words heal,
and not wound.

When you love someone, it's something...

When you love someone,
    it's something.

When someone loves you,
    it's another thing.

When you love the person
  who loves you back,
    it's everything.

Making a big life change is...

Making a big life change
is pretty scary.

But, know what's even 


What Is The Meaning Of LIFE?

What Is The Meaning

Whatever You
Want It To Be.

Don't take your relationship for ...

Don't take your
for granted...

You never know,
someone somewhere
must be dying 
to take your place.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I don't have time to...

I don't have time
  to hate people
    who hate me

Because I'm too busy
        loving people
          who love me.

Don't feel bad if...

Don't feel bad if people
 remember you only 
when they need you.

Feel privileged that
 you are like a candle
that comes to their
 mind when their is

Half of the problems in our life are because....

Half of the problems in our life are...
   " We Execute
         Without Thinking. "

Rest half is because

   "  We Keep Thinking
          And Never Execute. "

Always pray to have...

Always pray to have
eyes that see the best
in people, a heart
that forgives the
worst, mind that 
forgets the bad, & a
soul that never loses 
faith in GOD.

A real man chooses...

chooses to
respect, adore,
and be faithful
to one woman.

A happily married man is..

A happily married
man is one who
understands every
word that his wife
didn't say.

A Person's Actions Will Tell...

A Person's 
Will Tell You
You Need
To Know.

The most painful...

The most painful situation
  in life is when
we are waiting for
  our dear one
without knowing that
  they are avoiding us.. !!

Never go out of..

Never go out of your way
  to explain someone
your honesty and their faults...
Time has it's own way
of revealing the truth.. !!

Live the life you want to...

Live the life you
want to live, Be the
person you want to 
remember, Make
decisions, Make 
mistakes, If you fall,
atleast you tried.

If you're alone.. I will be ..

If you're alone
  I will be your shadow
If you want to cry
  I will be your shoulder
If you want a hug
  I will be your pillow
If you need to be happy
  I will be your smile
But If anytime you need a
  F R I E N D
I will just be ME

Monday, 24 September 2012

You gotta take the good with....

You gotta take the good with the bad..      
And smile with the sad,
Love what you got..
And remember what you had,
Learn to forget...
But never regret!
People change,things go wrong,
Just remember life goes on!

There are moments in life when...

There are moments in life
when you miss someone
so much that you just 
want to pick them 
from your dreams and
hug them for real!

If a woman is responsible

If a woman is responsible 
for your smile,
please be responsible for 
her heart.

A Man Truly Loves You When.....

A Man Truly loves you when missing you is his hobby..
Caring for you is his job..
Making you happy is his duty..
And loving you is his life..